Thursday, September 30, 2010

Facebook: random

I don’t drink Coffee( Dark/filter/ machine-made whatever), have barely watched any of the great films of Kieslowski, Tarkovsky,Bertolucci and inspite of my best efforts haven’t been able to add any value to any of the discussions regarding the tomes of Derrida/ Kafka/ Hosseini/ Murakami etc. I can’t take a decent photograph to save my ass/ balls and don’t even have a proper Nikon D5000 with Sigma and such-alike Bazooka shaped lenses.

In short, I am not exactly someone who qualifies as the “Cool Intellectual Thinking Man”.

Did I miss laid-back and tremendously successful and with a dark sardonic sense of humor?

Hell! Bollocks!

Am I still allowed to be in Facebook ?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

London Dreams: Potla

Met him at the Euphoria concert way back in 2002 and the discussion turned to where we might be in 10 odd years.
I was techinally an engg student and he was in MCA course somewhere in the moffusils.
Glad he took my advice, re-appeared for the ISI, Delhi entrance and he calls me to let me know he is getting posted to London...
happiness knows no bounds.
After all, Abhrajit and I have known each other for the last 25 years and 8 odd months.

Friday, September 3, 2010


The rains in Delhi ( The Commonwealth City) are seeing to it that the final (or are they the semi-final ) touches to the venues can be given only after Diwali.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Totally random

1.My University library sends a daily update to the students titled " XXXXXXX University in the news:".
Why ? Does the Univ need to be on the papers every day ? its not exactly Manchester United for god`sake!

2.Some shit-heads don't wipe their fingers before swiping the Biometric touch pad in office.
Poorer shitheads get a message in a sing-song mechanical voice flatly forbidding them from going home for another 5 minutes.

3. Our GM - Resource Mob passed away three odd months back.Very sad.We lost a fine gentleman and a very sharp finance guy. Sadder is the fact that his successor is seeing to it the dept ceases to exist in the next six months.

4.Most auto-drivers in Chennai ( Madras to me) will take a long look at you,and say "50 rupees Saar" for a distance approximately equal to that between my bedroom and the loo.

5.Delhi suffers from the classic case of the City coming to the villages.And then actually paying the villagers the equivalent of Chad`s GDP to build malls and Cyber-cities and pointless monstrosities in the middle of nowhere.Net result.
Mutton-headed lumps of lards running around the NCR in SUVs the size of Parliament house,neons glowing, million watt music systems blaring out the latest Imran Hashmi tracks, and generally proclaiming their parentage by unique-to-NCR stickers like" Gujjar Boy" and "Jatt Rulz". Common guys, we totally get it.The stickers are superfluous.

6.Me and my Very Large Friend ( referred to as God elsewhere in the blog) walked into a Maruti Suzuki dealership in Bangalore on a lazy Sunday afternoon and spent twenty minutes checking out the features of an A-Star, Ritz,Alto K10 and Estillo in a very leisurely manner without any Customer Care/ Marketing executive bothering us even once. Considering the fact that I was there to ACTUALLY finalise my car-buying decision, its sad. No wonder they are losing market-share.Or probably they had "Fey" or sixth sense and envisioned me driving a Rolls Royce one day.

7. I am yet to decide on what car to buy even after intense R & D for over three years.