Monday, March 30, 2009

Conversations with GOD:3

Me: Dear God, how were your college days ?

GOD: My college days were all about Sex,Drugs and Rock n Roll...

NO sex,
little bit of drugs
lotsa Rock n Roll!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Conversations with God:2

Me: Am sitting in office and listening to CCR and Rolling Stones...n i cant listen to Iron Maiden and Metallica and such alike loud bands anymore...
God: well, it means you are growing old...

( am turning into a fat old Fart...bald too )

P.S: long and thankks for all the fish( Munierre).

Some More random

" And I met a girl who sang the Blues"...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fotus: Random

Baganbaari: One day in the woods...with a lil bit of fluid dynamics thrown in.

the Original Sin: If you ever see a very fat Speedy Gonsalves-waanabe wheezing past you, you know somewhere this sin has been committted.

Flight of the Pigeons: CP...New Delhi...somehow i have started liking the city...

From a bygone era:I had heard the same from my Dad but this was the first time i have actually seen an ad...

The Poet- he takes the path less travelled

Walk of Life: Somewhere in the Middle trying to cross a dry river bed...the "Bridge" is barely a feet wide and sways from side to side.

Conversations with God:1

Me: How on earth did you manage to fuck up your voice? Where you chatting with Sir Alex without the benefit of a phone! Anyway am so down. Seems like United is the most hated club in town. my pals are drinking Carlsberg and poking fun at me
GOD: Tell `em that a real man drinks vodka. Not some stupid danish beer! And don't bother.Everyone hates a winner.Let em have their moment.We`ll have the last laugh . And the best laugh.Chin up.Sir Alex would not expect this behavior from a Manchester United fan! Whats the fun if we win too easy! Lets give the others a chance to smile for a few moments ! Just a few moments. Then we hit em so hard they`ll say
" Did you get the license plate of that truck?".