Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Footie: Republic OF Mancunia...

We Are Going to Moscow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just dont care whether we face the Scousers or the Chelskits...we are ready for anyone...

Glory Glory United.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Of a nite long past...

i swear that night Bruce Willis and Sean Penn were with us...only Harper`s Bazar & Esquire didn`t allow me to print those pics...hence you poor sods get to see their Armani shirts and CK jeans...

" and miles to go before we sleep'

In the striking zone...

I stared at the screen blankly…angry…very angry…a lump forming in my throat…as the Blues celebrated their win…(Rio celebrated by kicking a stewardess)…for a second the old foto of JT holding aloft the EPL trophy flashed in front of my eyes and I was back to my usual self.

We lack strikers. Quality finishers inside the box who can hold the ball in Middle third and let the wingers and withdrawn striker run into the box. We probable need a Berbatov, a Heitinga or maybe a Kun Aguero.our ball-holding capability in the final third can be written on the back side of postage stamp with room to spare. Instead of 1 tall strong striker pulling atleast 2 defenders (preferably also their CDM) towards him, we have Rooney( Mutton-headed lump of lard), a Misplaced Dhakai bangal( Saha) and a specialist withdrawn forward ( Tevez ) in the team.

By now,it’s a well-known and well-documented fact that Rooney is useless against proper holding defences of Spain or Italy. At best, he bulldozes into massed wall of 2nd grade African talents ( no Thuram/ Essien/ Yaya Toure/ Mahamadou Diarra those ) or cheap East European imports who gets overawed by the AIG logo, not by Rooney`s ball skills.Rooney is more suited for the Rugby Unions leagues and less for the intricacies of European football.Old Man,sell him while you still can get some money for him!

Saha…ahahahahahahahahha…even I am fitter than him. Any world-class ( ! ) striker who gets injured while warming up for matches should just take Buladi`s advice and stick to playing Ludo…Sell him…to Sunderland. Keano will wipe the floor with his ass, and then Saha might be fit to play.

Tevez is more of a ball-winner, someone in the terrier mold, one who will keep on running at the Left back and the central defenders till they commit a mistake, a small error in judgement and Tevez wil score…a real 110% guy on the field, he ranks right up there with Fletch, Sheasy and Wes Brown. Not spectacular, but his work rate will put any winger/ Attacking Medio to shame.

Options for Old Man;

1. Kun Aguero- his form for Athletico Madrid has already been earning him rave reviews from pundit s and opposition coaches,so much so that Chelsea is already lining up a $35 Mil bid for him to be their 7th striker( another Steve Sidwell).If we can get him,nothing like it.Poacher.Period.

Pros : Poacher, can conjure goals from anywhere in the box, UCL/ UEFA Cup experience.

Cons: lack of consistency, unproven in EPL.

2. Dimitar Berbatov : the tall Bulgarian with the Superb ball skills has been one of the reasons Spurs managed to win the League Cup. A fantastic season with Werder Bremen and EPL clubs were at his doorstep with the proverbial blank cheques. Sad he chose a group of perpetual also-rans like Spurs (did he mistook the United Millions to be in Dollars???). Face it, Spurs might have their days but a team that can’t defeat Livorno at home has no future in Europe. Sad because a Berbatov in the Number 10 jersey would have been a dream for the Reds in Europe where his holding, composed football and crackling single-touch passing would open up many a defence for that Boy to torment.

Pros: Proven EPL record, stint with Werder Bremen gives him Bundesliga toughness.

Cons: very expensive. Perceived to be slow and not suited for the fast united Game,bit moody and brooding, not a perfect team man.

3.Wesley Sneijder: If we manage to pry away this gifted Dutchman from Real Madrid, which wont be very difficult( they overhaul things every March..a la Tom Ford at Gucci ), we can have a first rate attacking medio who can take proper chipped freekicks from 35-40 yards out in the right,( That Boy manages the left ) will run at defences and also run box-to-box to break up attacks .

Pros: big team temperament, awesome stamina.

Cons: too expensive, where will Carrick and Anderson go ?