Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Qatar mein hain hum...2026

Has FIFA lost it completely ?
I understand that most of the Eurozone countries like Portugal/ Spain, Netherlands/ Belgium are cash-strapped and England, well nobody at FIFA and UEFA( read Platini) likes them, and Russia with all its oil and gas have enough liquid cash to host a World Cup, but why on god`s (or Allah`s) name did they give it to Qatar ? World Cup! In June!.
Platini get a life! and if you manage to get one, get one for Sepp Blatter too.
Blatter is safe since by the time the Qatar 2022 thing comes around he will be past the peraly gates.
But footballers will be there and I can imagine them running around the spanking new stadiums kicking beach-balls( progenies of Jabulani) and pouring buckets of water over their head.
Its a disgrace that a bunch of moneybags have changed the rules of the game AFTER the kick-off.
Its like asking for normal BTG packages after the bids for a Super-critical BTG package has been opened. Bidders who lost out technically have a cause to feel agrieved. And that exactly what FIFA has done. After awarding the games to Qatar for a June cup, they are suddenly ok with the timings being shifted to January.
Well losers are complaining, but then again they are losers. Tcaah....losers.
A shift to January means local leagues of Europe and Latin America getting affected, but its FIFA, they make the rules.

And finally old Crumpet Sepp is talking about WC in India in 2026.A country that gets its posterior whipped by the football teams of Qatar, Kuwait and Oman( each about the size of delh NCR) with alarming regularity and whose best representation at top-level football has been one Bhaichung Bhutia at Bury FC ( not even english 2nd division ) and a Sunil Chhetri at Kansas City Wizards( MLS), a team which got a pummelling from Manchester United reserve team four odd months back.
Instead, take the game to Latin America, take it to Australia, take it Japan and China again, maybe to Egypt/ Morocco and then then Qatar and Oman and Iraq( that will rebuild the nation once more) instead of ruining the spirit by awarding it to India...
India 2026...I am sure Messers Kalmadi and Bhanot and Mahendroo are licking thier lips in anticipation.... if one city could give them 35000 crores, imagine a World Cup football, pan-India...
( fadeout to the tunes of Tu paisa paisa karti hai, phir paise pe kyun marti hain ? )