Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dilli meri jaan

Managed to land in Delhi exactly 1 hr behind ETA....and this was Indigo...I am sure other airlines would have landed on time( in Jaipur) :-)...
now safely tucked inside a thick lep( cant find a better translation of this typically bengali contraption against the cold...a thick jacket of cotton/ silk stuffed with compressed raw cotton, dunno how better I can explain it) and daring the famed Delhi cold with a bottle of OLD MONK and cold water. Thats dinner and beverage.
Already feel a warm glow inside.
Jai Ho...Old Monk rocks.
Hope to have a kickass party tomorrow with Gee, Rara and the gang.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Hyan Bhai, shei toh

Sitting in a nice small boutique hotel at Koregaon Park is not exactly my idea of a perfect Christmas Eve, but then again cant have it all.
Have a footlong Italian from Subway, half a bottle of Old Monk rum with what dear pal Sumo would call "Thansapp" and lots of munchies and two superb pastries from the Sweet Chariot Cafe down the road. And have CCR on the latptop. So its not entirely painful. Lonely quite, painful in parts.

Entirely unconnected list:
1. Hottest Indian Actress- Chitrangada( if she didnt marry that 18-hole man ) , Vidya Balan( kono kotha hobey naah)
2. Best Indian sportsperson- Saina Nehwal...she has taken on the Chinese and the Indonesians and the Taiwanese and beaten them at their game. Kudos lady.Love your Tiranga-coded hair clips and your deft placements.
3. Car i want to buy right now- Ford Fiesta S. fully loaded Aquirius Blue. and tank it up and drive to Goa. With Kanchan. And Gee...and CCR & Led Zep on the stereo. No Arka anywer. As a rule.
4. Band for all seasons -CCR.
5. Bengali singer I love- George-da.
6. Greatest football club in the world- Manchester United.
7. Old Monk rocks.
8. I am drunk.

..............................................( mumbling sounds....)