Thursday, January 29, 2009

As strange as it gets!!!

A month back, Liverpool was at the top of the league, they had everything going perfect for them and United was far awayin distant Japan trying to win a trophy nobody in England gives a Rat`s Ass to.

And then, 2 days prior to the Red Devils` very difficult home game against Chelsea when United as on the verge of dropping out of the race if they lost, and Villa and Everton on a roll, Rafa suddenly loses it.He loses it with a rant against the oldest of the Old Foxes – the king of the Mind Game Sir Alex.

Next Day Liverpool draws a perfectly winnable game at home: The very next day United put three past a very unpredictable Chelsea and suddenly faithfuls were reminded of the now legendary “ We love it when we win against them” of Kevin Keegan which cost the Magpies their title.

After that the Merseysiders have gone from being runaway League leaders to being the laughing stock of the league with their draws against Everton in the Derby and drawing a game against Wigan.

And instead of pulling his act together, this is what Rafa Benitez declared: "We had control of the game in the first half and didn’t kill it off. In the second half it was a crazy game.

"When you don’t control crazy games you don’t win points. I don’t know what is happening.

"Actually I do know, but I can’t say anything about it. It is just crazy.

"You can’t control what you can’t change. It could be like this for years.

"Alex Ferguson has been here for 22 years and you can see what it means when you have been here for so long. The past three games have something in common I don’t like."

So what exactly is bothering him? That Sir Alex instead of ranting like a Old Fart just got his Lads to put 3 past Chelsea, scrape results past the championship sides in the League Cup and FA Cup ?

Is it that inspite of the Pre-season and early season hype, his team of “ Horses for Courses” men cant get the results they need ?

I think it has all to do with the fact that Rafa suddenly sees his motley crew unable to keep up with the blistering pace of the League. also Rafa has assembled a team which doesn’t have much of Home Country representation, so the significance of Derbies are lost on them.( Sir Alex had Ryan Giggs- Wales and Darren Fletcher- Scotland manning the middle of the park for the Chelsea game) .Then Stevie G is not the same force he used to be and they don’t have anyone of the same presence in the midfield area to give them a much needed stability. When Liverpool is good, they are very good. But somehow they are having mostly bad days and Rafa you need MEN to get past the opposition on a bad day.