Monday, May 26, 2008

Quijj...or something like it

never felt so happy not qualifying for the finals of a quiz which can rightfully claim to the big daddy ( age n content-wise ) of all Quizzes in India, for that any quiz.
The whole qualifying process was a sham, solely intent on gimmickry,show-boating and at times Bahuut bheg...
reminded me of the times when certain gentlemen P & B where the sole school Quiz- masters of Kolkata.

My team operates on simple funda"If we qualify,Good...if we dont...VERY GOOD".

By the time we reached the seventh question in the prelims, i knew it will be very good.

Banker buddy and the SonneKinde tried gamely ,but we just didn`t deserve to be on stage for the finals. As simple as that.
Fellow quizzers from next table, veterans of many such battles and much wiser than us ( they had a sense of deja Vu,circa 2004), just walked away,vowing to fight another day.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Only If

We manage to win at that Pig-sty called Luzhniki stadium, i swear i will run along GT Road in my " Lend-leased" Violet/ Purple hapoo...

Points to Ponder

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