Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sad but True

Its Sad that we lost an FA Cup final. our very first loss in 26 semi-finals. It does hurt. what hurts more is something else. It hurts me to see $ 65 million worth of assets walking around the park doing precious little. What hurts even more is that we paid all this money to Spurs for two players who in my opinion dont add any value to the system at United.
Who on earth paid $ 17 million for a dud named Michael Carrick. He is just not good enough for that amount of money. $ 5.5 Million yes. $ 17 Million- absolute lunacy. For all the good money we get a guy who is never ever going to be first team for England, cant dictate the pace of a good European game and cant just drive the team forward. And to top it all, he is not any good in dead-ball situations. So for all the show what we get are couple of chancy goals against a hapless Roma and the occassional flashed shots against the relegation-threatened clubs. I cant recollect one match where he has driven forward, taken the game by the scruff of its neck and have made a lasting impression the minds of the viewers. People might say he is not the Keano-types but we DONT need a Keano, we already have one in the shape of the fast-improving Darren Fletcher. He wont ever have it and cant ever be first-choice for England. The fact that he is still first-choice for United tells us the Gibsons and Andersons and Tosics are not yet 110 % ready.

Nani is one more player about whom i have very mixed feelings. someone who was once touted to be the next Ronaldo is sadly relegated to the bench at United. The fact he didnt get a start at the Wembley on sunday points to just one thing. This is going to be his last season at United . For all his flicks and tricks and step-overs he just cant fit into the United system of trying for every ball till the last moment. Nani as a rule,never looks up before passing and is generally very poor in tracking back. he barely gets involved in the scrapes in the attacking third and are mostly interested in show-boating and taking the occassional pot-shots at the rival goal. Ok agreed he has had some spectacular goals against Spurs and Liverpool but we need a player who has better vision and is a team-man. With the arrival of Tosic, a full International with Serbia and having european league experience, it seems Nanis` day at United are seriously numbered.
Now we come to the LazBoy aka Berba.
Him.$ 31 Million...who..wer... what...how ?
I know the recession set only in Sept 08 and we bough him in July but even then money is not that cheap. he doesnt belong to United.Ball-holding at the attacking third..hah...pooh...
for that money we could have got Roque Santa Cruz( full International too ) who wont have sulked about sitting on the bench and also made Tevez` loan permanent. Instead what we have is a sulky Bulgar ambling around the pitch looking lost...lost at probably the speed of things happening around him,perhaps enjoying the sites and sounds of english countryside along Old Lanc Road, but we DIDNT buy him to do that. We bought him to add some much needed goal-scoring prowess to the United attack and instead what we have is zero penetration in counter-attacks cause Berba cant match the pace of Rooney and Ronnie and thus the pace of the counter-attacks are gone. Cant recollect a single sweeping United move in the last 6 months and all because of the " New Dimension" - a sulky Zebra who is not good enough to be part of the system. He may be good enough for Spurs and Werder Bremen but not good enough for top-flight european football.

With so much of wasted resources i wont be suprised if DONT manage win anything more this season.