Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Saga of "That Boy"

He wanted to leave.
He didnt want to leave.
We wanted him to leave.
We wanted him to achieve greater glory for the Red shirt.we hated his antics.We loved his flicks and step-overs dummies.
In the end That Boy has been sold to the merry circus over at Madrid who cant produce even a single half-decent player from the academy but desperately tries to get all the best talent from around the world to re-create the halycon days of the 50s and 60s.But what Messers Perez and his cronies forget is that those glorious years were possible because Madrid were mostly playing home-grown players who loved the jersey and were ready to shed blood and sweat for it.
The neo-Galacticos like Kaka and That Boy and Villa are extablished stars who have won everything they could have as a club-level footballer and are now looking forward to a nice retirement with high pension in Madrid.I dont think Madrid will manage to reach even the semis of the Champions League this coming season inspite of having Villa,Kaka and That Boy in their ranks. This is because of one single reason. Inspite of scoring goals all throughout Madrid has alwyas had a suspect defence which conceded more than what the attackers could score. To win big tournaments you need a solid if not spectacular defence and this is one area where Messers Perez has nothing new to show for all thier buying spree.

Now that Ronnie has been sold lets look at what we can do with $ 121 million.
1.Antonio Valencia of Wigan- he will be perfect if not the most spectacular replacement for Ronnie. Solid and skillful with premiership experience and at 23 he can only get better.Asking price 14 Mill lbs.
2. Rafael Van der Waart- this Dutch master needs a good coach and a good set of attackers to unlash his full skill set.Unfortunately over at Madrid settling into a team is something they cant and usually dont afford. So inspite of being a proven campaigner in the Bundesliga,he is ready to be sold. Asking price - $ 12-14 Mil.